12 Special Prayer for safe travel and protection

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Special Prayer for safe travel and protection; Embarking on travel comes with a lot of joy and excitement, as a Christian before embarking on such a journey there is a need to pray, and commit your travel into God’s hands as there are unforeseen circumstances that may arise but God forbid.

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12 Special Prayer for safe travel and protection

Special Prayer for safe travel and protection

1. Almighty and ever-living God, I thank you for the gift of life, your love, mercy, and protection upon me, I bless and reverence you, and may all honor and glory be accorded to you.
Father as I am about to embark on my travel may your divine hand be upon me, Guide and protect my going and coming back, so that all honor and thanksgiving may be given to you. Amen

2. Father Lord you are the creator of the universe You have fashioned it to your satisfaction, all goodies come from you.
May your divine grace be upme on as I embark on my journey, so help me God.

3. King of glory, might one in bat e, you are I am I am. Ancient God of Abraham, Is, aac and Jacob I have come before thee to seek your protection and guidance overmy journeye, may I never be disappointed. See me through and fow, so that I shall return all glory and adoration to you. Amen.

4. Merciful God of our tm e, I bless and adore thee for the immensity of your love upon me. I have come to beseech you that ygrantedme a safe landing as I embark on this journey today. Amen

5 . Father in heaven, mighty one in battle, Elohi m, I have come before, my life is incomplete without you, as a matter of fact, act I can’t succeed without your grace. Therefore let your mercy guarantee my travel plan and may your omnipotence omnipresence be ever available to see me through. Amen.

Special Prayer for safe travel and protection

6.Immanent Jehovah God, you are the ultimate pilot and captain of every voyage, please be at the affairs of this journey, and may the efficacy of your mercy be experienced and resounded in this journey. Amen.

7. Thank you lord for you are my satisfier, I rely on you. Life without you is hopeless and  every journey without your endorsement is heading towards crashing. Therefore  Lord into your hands I commit my journey, hoping and believing  you will be with me and see me through. Amen.

8. The substance of my life everything about me is very glary before you. my journey plan is also clear to you. and I know the thought you have for me is of greatness and not to perish, please Daddy I need you now, let your spirit direct my step and my journey purpose. Amen.

9. Father Lord I have drawn closer before your presence, seeking your divine guide over and around me as I am undertaking this journey today, may the road be loyal and submissive to me and free me from everlasting danger. Amen.

10. God almighty Father I reverence you as my Lord and master, I submit all my life activities in your double hands, more especially the journey am about to embark k. I Therefore employ favor and grace of journey mercies that I shall go and come back safe and sound for the ultimate glorification of your name and my integral fulfillment

11. Almighty and everlasting God I thank you for the grace privileged to experience this season of the year ending. As I am about to travel to visit loved ones may my journey be peaceful and prosperous in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

12 Ancient of days and mighty one in battle, the Lion tribe of Jud ah, the beginning and the end, I beseech thee this moment, because no own I have a miracle living God. I pray you send me your miraculous hand in this journey so that it shall be well with me. Amen

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