Declan Rice reveals John Stones’ hilarious reaction to finding out Man City vs Arsenal is five days away

Man City secret revealed by John Stones

by Jay Jay Sport

Arsenal Declan Rice has revealed out John Stones’ hilarious reaction to finding out that Man City are playing Arsenal this weekend in the Premier League.

Unlikely the past ages, these days players of the Three Lions (England) squad are able to put aside their club rivalries when on international duty.

Clips of club-mates used to dominate the dressing room, but the England manager, Southgate worked hard to ensure there is no division and create a unified squad.

Team players of England’s ‘golden generation’ of the 2000s have admitted to not getting on well with their English Premier League rivals, but that clearly isn’t the case for now.

This weekend, On Sunday Man City and Arsenal will both clash at the Etihad Stadium in a Premier League match that could have a huge impact on the Premier League title race this season.

Two of the stars that will feature in the clash – City’s John Stones and Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice – will play for England on Tuesday in a friendly against Belgium at Wembley.

Despite everything that is at stake on the pitch, John Stones and Declan Rice are great friends off it.

In fact, it turns out Stones didn’t even realise the huge match was coming up in 5 days.

Speaking during a press conference on Monday, Rice revealed Stones was not really aware to the fact City are playing the Gunners this weekend.

“I said to Stones: ‘Big game next’,”Declan Rice said.

“And John Stones said: ‘Who are you playing with?’ And I said: ‘We’ve got you lot this weekend!’

“He said: ‘Oh yeah that’s true.’ He didn’t even know they we’re playing us next!

“When he’s away from football he likes to be with his family and switch off and I get that. He likes to take one game at a time.”

Reigning champions Man City are third, just one point behind their two rivals.

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