Best Happy Birthday Wishes To A Good Friend

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Best Happy Birthday Wishes To A Good Friend:  Birthdays are one of the most special days of one’s life. And as one adds a new year into his/her life we as friends are expected to wish good and hope to God that our wishes are fulfilled by our lord Jesus.

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Best Happy Birthday Wishes To A Good Friend

Best Happy Birthday Wishes To A Good Friend

Top Birthday Wishes For A Friend.

1. Happy birthday to you dear friend. I hope that the rest of your days are filled with joy and happiness. Amen

2. It is a joyful day today because it is the day we celebrate such a wonderful human being as you my friend
May you stay blessed and may God keep on uplifting you. Amen

3. Finally we are here to join you in celebration of your birth. And as we come to celebrate you may God protect you and may you keep adding many more years. Amen

4. Sending you an abundance of love and joy. And as you add more years, may your blessings keep on adding. Amen

5. What a great day it is, we bless this day as it is a day of joy and celebration of a very kind and loving person
As you bless this world with your presence may the lord bless you abundantly. Amen

6. Happy birthday to you my dear friend
As you celebrate your birthday today, May you keep on being celebrated for the rest of your lives, And may sorrow not befall you. Amen

Heart touching birthday wishes for a friend

7. You are a gift from God in my life, so as we celebrate you today you shall get all your heart desires. Amen

8. Happy birthday to you my great friend, just like your cake you bring joy, and sweetness into this world, your presence alone is a blessing in this world and you shall glow till the end of time. Amen

9. Happy birthday to you my good friend, here’s to a filled year with new adventures, exciting opportunities, and love to you. Amen

10. Happy belated birthday to you dear one, may the rest of your days be blessed, And may your grace keep on flowing may your enemies become your friends and you shall live long. Amen

11. Today is a great day, for someone as great as you was born on this same day, your presence is a blessing to this world. You are as kind as a man should be and may God bless you abundantly. Amen

Best Happy Birthday Wishes To A Good Friend

12. Happy birthday to you friend, may your destiny shine as the stars in the sky, and may your enemies go blind from your brightness. Amen

13. Happy birthday my dear friend, may all the good things in life come your way may God keep nothing but joy in your heart, and may he keep on blessing you till the end of time. Amen

14. Sending you abundant love on this day of celebration, and I pray that God may guide you through his path. Amen

15. To my most precious friend, happy birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful day ahead and a lifetime of joy and happiness for the rest of your days. Amen

16. Wishing you the best. Hope that God grants all your heart desires and that your days shall be long. Amen

17. May the rest of your years remain blessed and may you keep aging with grace. Amen

18. Happy birthday to you my friend, I would never imagine a world without you. You are a great person and we all are blessed to be a part of your life.

19. I pray that the rest of your days you shall spend them smiling for the good things the lord have done in your life. Amen

20. Today is the day we celebrate you, you are a ray of sunshine, and may you keep shining till the end of time. Amen

21. Cheers to you my friend and a happy birthday, cheers to all the good memories you’ve provided for me. And cheers to the time you put a smile on my face when everything was sad and lonely, mah your days be blessed. Amen

22. Birthdays come each year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime, I bless the day I met you, a happy birthday to you the best friend anyone could ever wish for.

23. no gift can be enough to show you how much you mean to me, to work enough to tell you, but on this day of joy, I wish you a happy birthday my friend, and a long life full of great adventures. Amen

24. I hope your birthday is just like you. Fun, sweet, and full of love.

25. Wishing you a blessed year of good health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

Best Happy Birthday Wishes To A Good FriendShort unique birthday wishes for friends 

* I wish you all the best celebration

*May your day be as bright as a shining star.

*Here is wishing you all the best life can offer, Have a sweet birthday celebration.

* My best friend, may your day be smooth, and may your birthday bring you joy and fulfillment.

* Happy Birthday my only friend.

* Happy birthday my friend, may the new age favor you.

* As you mark a special addition of one today, may there be complete happiness and progress in your life.

* I wish you joy and everlasting happiness as you celebrate your birthday.

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