Long text to make her fall in love

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Long text to make her fall in love

Long text to make her fall in love: Making a woman fall in love is one task or skill every man needs, there are romantic words that go deep into the heart and open the way for her to fall in love, women fall in love with what they hear, as a man it should be your daily routine to send her long text to make her fall in love.

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Here is a compilation of romantic long text to make her fall in love

Long text to make her fall in love

Long text to make her fall in love

1.  My love, as I pen down this message, my heart is filled with so much joy and I must say I am blessed to have met someone like you in life, words can not express how my heart desire and taste for you, you are my complete existence, I love you with all, thank you for loving me.

2. You are an angel, an epitome of beauty, your beautiful inside and out, I love the way you look, walk, smile, and those your sparkling eyes you gaze on me each time I set my eyes on you, you have grown with preserved grace and dignity, I find myself lost in your enchanting beauty, babe your smile breaks obstacles, your presence brings light to my darkest path, I love you from the depth of my heart and I promise is going to be a forever journey.

3. Your love gives me a sense of security, you make me feel like I own the world and it belongs just for both of us, you are the sanctuary I seek in times of trouble, the heaven where my heart finds peace, your support and understanding keeps me going, you have given me a reason to live, my darling your unconditional love has made me a complete being.

4. As the day passes by my love for you grows stronger, you have every attribute I so much desire in a woman, your calmness gives me peace, and your voice gives me hope, among all you intelligent women, with you by my side I am rest assured that greatness awaits me, keep being you I promise you will never regret loving me.

5. In this world filled with uncertainties you are my calm, my love for you is immeasurable, and you are the melody that rings in my heart, the lyrics that resonate in my mind, thank you for accepting me for whom I am, I am forever grateful to you, thank you so much, my love.

6. Dear, I am not perfect but you have made me, I am complete with you by my side, Your love in my shield and anchor, your love has given me the wings to fly, your love wraps around me like a warm duvet, you have completely taken over my life and I feel satisfied with your love.

Long text to make her fall in love

7. Every moment I look deep into your eyes, I see hope, I see a world filled with possibilities, I see joy, I see my complete shadow, in you I see my future, If I am given the opportunity to make a choice again, I will choose you over and over, I am completely in love with you my angel.

Long text to make her fall in love

8. Hi dear, I want to use this time out to let you know how fulfilled I am to have you, I hope you are aware that you mean the world to me, the time we spend together fills my heart with so much joy, I just want you to know that I love you with all my heart, you are special to me I am happy and grateful to have you around me.

9. Chi, I lay down on my bed each day thinking about you, My heart beats with an overwhelming love for you, you are the light that brightens my day and you are the reason behind my smile, every moment spent with is a precious moment, every night spent with you is a memorable one, the love I have for you is beyond human comprehension, you are my rock and my shield, I promise to be the best decision you have made in life.

10. My dear, they say love is blind but in you, it’s just so clear, I think your love has made me glow, I am addicted to your smile, you are my daily dose of laughter.

11. Having someone like you makes me forget all my sorrows, for the sake of your love I am no longer concentrating, babe what have you used on me that I am deeply lusting, all I think about is you and how to make you smile, babe as your reading I want you to know one thing, In this world is just you and I.

A short text to make her fall in love

12. Each time I spend time with you, it whort it.

13. Your love shines like the stars in heaven, this is why I call you my angel.

14. I promise our love will continue growing stronger each day that passes by.

15. Your love has made me young, you are the dream of every man.

16. I am blessed to have you in my life, no wonder it took me long to locate you, diamonds are limited.

17. I promise to love you till the end of time.

18. I appreciate God for blessing my life with a woman like you, may he continue to keep so that we grow together and enjoy all through the end of time.

19. Spending forever with you will be the best thing that happens to me, I can’t wait to call you the mother of my unborn children.

20. You are a perfect match for my life, with you I am confident that my life is complete, I am safe with you, Baby I will love you forever.

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