35 Best Packing gel hairstyles for black ladies (pictures) 2023

Packing gel hairstyle which is also known as Gel updo, it is achieved with the use of silky black or transparent coloured liquid called gel in creating a sleek and shiny hair look. Gel hairstyles can be rocked in events such as wedding, anniversary and graduation ceremonies.

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35 Best Packing gel hairstyles for black ladies (pictures)

35 Best Packing Gel Hairstyles for black ladies 2024: Hello ladies, do you have that special event that you are thinking of the best hairdo to have on? Are you so busy with other things and you want a quick and yet beautiful hairstyle to achieve that exclusive look? Here we have made a collection of unique and beautiful styles o best-packing gel hairstyles trending among black women in 2024.

No matter the shape and texture of your hair, packing gel hairstyle brings out the beauty in every woman.

packing gel hairstyle is a type of hairdo achieved with a silky black or transparent-colored liquid called gel, this liquid is used to style and hold hair into a desired style. You can also decide to use the liquid gel in combination with spray gel.

The hairstyle can last between two to three weeks.

best packing gel hairstyles in 2023

There are millions of styles you can achieve with gel, you can have your hair naturally styled or with suitable hair extensions.

35 Best Packing gel hairstyles for black ladies (pictures)


  1. There are two types of gel, dark-colored and transparent gel, for smooth and firm packing gel styles it is best achieved with the dark-colored gel in combination with the spray gel.
  2. Make sure your hair is well relaxed and properly washed before styling.
  3. The hair should be dried before applying the gel cream for styling.
  4. Always avoid wearing brightly colored clothing when visiting the salon to have the gel hairdo, this is to avoid stains from the gel cream.
  5. Style dry the hair before attaching the hair extension.
  6. Smooth the hair with a small brush before entering the dryer.
  7. make sure the hair is completely dry before leaving the saloon.
  8. Apply a generous amount of gel to the hair.

Packing gel hairstyle in Africa

One of the best attributes of packing gel style is that it can be achieved on both long and short hair, African ladies rock the style effortlessly for both casual and formal events, it is one of the best hairstyles for wedding guests and celebrants, because of its styling versatility, packing gel has proven to be the most suitable hairstyle for both bride and bridesmaids.
1. Packing gel with attachment
we have varieties of hair extensions (attach) used in packing gel, there are millions of styles to create with attachment, we have the cornrow braided gel style, which you can also decide to twist in or out, it can also be rolled to form a center, lover or beautiful side bun.
best packing gel hairstyles
2024 started with full glam and celebration, The gel hairstyle is one the most hairdos among women in 2024 you can rock the style with varieties of hair accessories to achieve a great and different look, rock this in any of your upcoming events and see how elegant you look.
2. Sleek gel style
Sleek gel hairstyles are gel hairstyles created and styled to create a sleek smooth and shiny style, this is one of the most trending packing gel styles for wedding events and graduation.
best packing gel hairstyles
best packing gel hairstyles
Black women like simple and classic hairstyles and this style gives a great fit for women with round-shaped facials, You can create the bun with a straight weave or hair extension of your choice, and the hairstyle is simple and classic to wear on.
3 Sleek ponytail with long straight weave
The above hairstyle is one style that fits all facials, A sleek ponytail is trending, I call it celebrity hair, is one hairdo that gives you that exotic look regardless of the price, Before I forget remember that gel hairstyle is one of the cheapest hairdos in town, you can decide the rap it up with low valued hair extensions if you can’t get the original human hair, you can also achieve a great look with the regular hair extension popularly known as attach.

35 Best Packing gel hairstyles for black ladies (pictures)

3 latest pineapple gel updo with kinky natural hair
Pineapple gel updo is one style that ladiesslays to perfection, they are mainly for weddings for both celebrants and guests, as a bride you can have it accessorized with beautiful hair accessories to perfect your day.
best packing gel hairstyles best packing gel hairstyles
You can braid or twist an extension to achieve a great packing gel style, the braided or twisted extension can be attached at the side, lower on the center path of the hair.
4. Packing gel style with single-strand weave
best packing gel hairstyles best packing gel hairstyles
5 gel style with curly weave
best packing gel hairstyles best packing gel hairstyles best packing gel hairstyles
6 Gel style with natural hair
best packing gel hairstyles
7 Packing gel style with up bun
best packing gel hairstyles
best packing gel hairstyles
8 Packing gel with straigweavevon

best packing gel hairstyles

best packing gel hairstyles You can rock the above styles at events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduation, etc, because of its simplicity, the style can suit both old and young.

Having a perfect hairstyle for that event gives you great comfort all through.


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