50 Latest African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures in 2023

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African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures: these are perfect hairstyles for all women regardless of the scull shape, for every event there is a fitting hairstyle for you, and there are different types of braid styles patronized by African women, braiding is one hairstyle that never goes out of style, the hairstyle is beautiful, protective, and last longer than any other hairstyle.

Braiding has a rich and long-term origin in Africa, each country in Africa has a distinctive braiding they are traditionally known for, an example of the style are Fulani braids popularly braided by the Fulani tribe of Nigeria, Didi is also known among the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Braiding styles and techniques vary with different ethnic groups, it is one of the means of displaying the diversity and richness of cultural heritage/ identity.

Hair stylists are doing justice to braiding styles, having a perfect braid depends totally on the creativity of your hair stylist, the design or style of the braid makes it unique and exclusive to wear.

Braided hair saves you from the stress of having to style your hair all the time, for some braid styles all you need is a single or double packing with the hair duration. Braided hair can last from two weeks to four weeks depending on your hair maintenance, people with hair dandruff are prone to have their braid re-braided within a short period, though some special hair creams can help maintain the braid.

Here we have made a beautiful collection of African braid styles trending among black women, the hairstyles range from cornrows, box braids, knotless braids, Fulani braids, goddess, jumbo braids, ombre box braids, friend braids, Ghana braids, crown braids, fishtail, crochet, micro braids, braided updo, side braid, etc.

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50 Latest African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures in 2023

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1.  Box braids: 

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@segredo_das_tranca

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@slaybraids.bytaqueen

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@slaybraids.bytaqueen


African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@gizela_caroline

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@ashleyhairp

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@yeezyyydidit_llc

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@ubuntubraids

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@freespiritzbraidroom

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures

2. Fulani braids: The Fulani braids are stylish cornrow braiding that incorporates traditional patterns and accessories, the hairstyle is characterized by a central braid that starts at the front hairline and extends to the back, and vice versa. The central braids are most times accessorized with beautiful colors of beads. Fulani braids have gained popularity beyond their cultural origin and have a stylish and trending hairstyle choice for women.

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@trancas_da_flaviia

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@sleek_simple

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@mxbraids

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@kadinandco’

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures

3. Crochet Braids: crochet braids are one of the popular braid styles among African women, the style involves the use of artificial (attaching extensions) to natural hair using a crochet needle. the styles come in different appealing styles, it takes the style of the hair extension, there are different products one can choose from depending on your choice, it comes in straight, curly, light, and heavy waves.  The styles can last between 3 to 4 weeks, is very protective, and are easy to maintain. African Hair braiding styles@kidsbraids_atlanta

4 Cornrow Braids: Cornrows are a traditional braid style that involves braiding the hair very close to the scalp in patterned and neat rows, the hairstyle has gained popularity among women.

African Hair braiding styles@infinity_beautylounge

African Hair braiding styles@braidsbyseny

African Hair braiding styles@th4hairdoctor

4. Boho Braids: These are otherwise known as bohemian braids, it is a style inspired by bohemian aesthetics. the hair most times looks relaxed, having this undone look, the hairstyle comes in different patterns, you can have them in cornrows, fishtails, dutch braids, etc.

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@tydidmyhair

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@naenaebraidsandcreations

Here are some of the longest-lasting braid styles, these hairdos are the best option for summer holidays, nursing mothers (maternity leave), etc. women consider hairdo that can take up to 3 to 7 weeks at long-lasting hairstyles, the hair is suitable for women who do not have time for the frequent visit of the saloon and most especially it saves cost.

Some of the hairstyles are cornrows, ghana braids, knotless braids, etc.


African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@joyceviick

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@joyceviick

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@bisola_beauty

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@stylezbydabrat_

African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures@itzhair_bydrea

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