Man City supporters are shocked to learn that Erling Haaland’s stay for the upcoming season is uncertain.

It's likely that Pep Guardiola or Erling Haaland will be the first names that come to mind when you think about Man City.

by Apu

Although the Norwegian striker is still shattering goalscoring records, the Catalan is still the team’s greatest coach. However, given his recent remarks at a press conference, it is unclear how long Haaland will remain with the Premier League team.

When asked about his future, the 22-year-old was surprisingly candid, defying the typical PR-driven responses to eager reporters. Ernsting Haaland declines to pledge his future to Man City.

“He was asked about his future during the press conference prior to Manchester City’s Champions League match against Copenhagen, Erling Haaland made it very evident that he is happy at Manchester City,” Fabrizio Romano revealed to CaughtOffside during his special Daily Briefing.

This is going to make a lot of news. You are free to report that, but you should also make sure that every other statement I make during the news conference is covered. Although I’m thrilled at Manchester City, anything may happen any day now.

“Guys, that line is really clear. I believe that Haaland’s statements are accurate and reflect the current state of affairs.He can’t just walk into a press conference and say he’ll play for Manchester City for the rest of his life. I believe it’s reasonable to bring up that phrase because he can’t promise that.

Naturally, Haaland’s remarks make Man City and its executives cautious.
He has his present employers wrapped up by openly speculating about his future beyond the club, which was actually always likely.

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