Red Card on Mason Greenwood revoked following absurd Federation statement- ‘One,two,three,four,f***’.

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The Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) have revoked the red card in which was given to Getafe forward and the Manchester United loanee Mason Greenwood on Tuesday. The referee Jorge Figueroa Vazquez had sent Greenwood off after he had wrongly assumed  that he was told to ‘f*** off’.

Greenwood was fouled as he tried to break free of Rayo Vallecano defenders on Tuesday,and after a getafe appealing use video evidence,they have that Greenwood said ‘one, two, three, four, [fouls], f***.
Figueroa had the f-word and assumed that it was directed at him, pulling straight out a red card for the Manchester United loanee



The RFEF have admitted their error in a surreal statement detailing the above, and wiped any suspension for Greenwood. They state that they do not want to re-referee matches or decisions, but admit a clear error in the referee’s assessment of the situation. Had the decision stood, he would have faced a two to four game ban.

Getafe had protested the decision, with manager Jose Bordalas claimed that Greenwood did not speak Spanish,and explained that he wasn’t trying to insult anyone, while Getafe player Juan Iglesias said he would buy dinner for anyone that would get a video of Greenwood insulting the referee. The decision will surely be a relief for Bordalas, who is already missing Juanmi Latasa and Jaime Mata from his frontline due to suspension, while Damian Suarez also will be missing two matches due to his suspension off for dissent.


Abstract of Statement:

The task of this disciplinary body is not to re-referee the matches, without determining, where appropriate, the existence of a manifest material error in the referee’s description of the action. As has been said here, only proof of an error of this type can distort the assessment made by the referee and, consequently, the veracity of what was recorded in the minutes.”

The repeated viewing of the images, in fact, has allowed this Committee to conclude, beyond any doubt, that the action that led to the expulsion did not occur as described by the referee and, ultimately, prove the material error manifest in the referee’s report. These images demonstrate that the player actually said “One, two, three, four, f***.”

photo credit to CaughtOffside.

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